Oxoscript turns into NanoPy - more infos


Now also usable without cloud/offline

The powerful NanoPy editor is now also available offline. The project is open source and can be downloaded, including installation instructions, from https://github.com/oxocard/offline-editor. The documentation can be cached via the browser from this page: http://nanopy.io/en/referenz/.

Dokumentation ohne Login

September 2023

The complete language reference with all functions is now available not only in the editor but also directly on this website. Registration is no longer required.

Jetzt neu: Oxocard Connect

August 2023

With the Oxocard Connect, NanoPy supports another powerful microcontroller board. With the new board, NanoPy has been extended and additional functions have been added: Neopixel, IO pins with PWM, I2C, etc. Furthermore, with the new onTimer event, we have created the possibility of programming event-controlled scripts even without a screen.

Oxoscript turns into NanoPy

May 2023

There are several variants of the popular programming language Python, to which the language NanoPy has now been added. NanoPy is a simplified version of Python. In contrast to the original, it is statically typed and can therefore be operated with significantly lower hardware requirements. It is specially optimised for small computers. The language is based on the Python dialect, but contains various simplifications that make it easier to get started and to program. Previously, the language was called Oxoscript. Because of the very close relationship to Python, we decided to change the name.

Oxoscript-Website online

Feb 2023

After more than two years of development we are very happy to present on this website the second version of our popular Oxoscript environment.

The use of the website, as well as all tools is free of charge and - thanks to browser access - also possible on all common modern browsers without installation. As before, all you need is a device with the Oxoscript interpreter. The list of compatible devices is continuously updated on this website.